Be an optimist, because the world needs one.

Covid-19, the coronavirus, this pandemic, has really been a story teller for the most number of people around the world. It is like a hole, a big hole of nothingness, where people lost their dear ones, a harbinger of death for those who weren't even ready to be taken. The hole keeps taking from us- the people, the love, our home, our belongingness to someplace, and our peace of mind. But must we really give it the satisfaction? We’ve evolved from the start of time, through and through again, volcanoes, earthquakes, wars, flus. And what kept us going? Our optimism. Someone then was optimistic for the people who needed it the most. That someone helped a person, and another, and another.

Today, when everything around us is crashing down, why can’t we be the optimists, smile for the people who can’t, be positive for someone who’s losing their will to live. Why can’t we be an optimist today? Because the world really needs it.

Here’s to my first, and many more writings.

New here, with the urge to explore and write so much!